Crude oil input to refineries

The trends of the crude oil inputs to refineries (1%) has globally followed that of the crude oil production in 2016, amid stable stocks

Breakdown by country (Mt)



Saudi Arabia's increase of crude oil input refineries in 2016.

The trends of the crude oil inputs to refineries (1%) has globally followed that of the crude oil production in 2016, amid stable stocks

The 2016 growth of crude oil input to refineries has been driven by the Middle East producers, in particular, Saudi Arabia and the UAE that have started up large refineries in recent years to capture the value added in the refining sector.
Similarly, crude oil consumption continued to rise steadily in Asia, driven by China, with the commissioning new refineries.
Crude oil consumption by refineries has plunged in Mexico and Brazil resulting from their low petroleum product production in 2016.
Refinery closures over the past years in Europe combined with the willingness of Middle Eastern countries to refine crude oil locally and low refining costs in North America led to a flat crude oil consumption in European refineries despite growing petroleum products demand.

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ONGC (India) plans to double its gas production in 5-6 years

Indian state-owned Oil and Natural Gas Corp (ONGC) plans to double gas production to over 100 mcf/d (2.8 mcm/d) in the next 5-6 years.


CNPC expects Chinese energy demand to peak in 2040

According to long-term forecast by Chinese state-owned oil group China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC), China's energy demand is expected to peak at 4.06 Gtoe in 2040, as energy demand from the transportation sector is expected to rise through 2050; in a previous forecast (2012), CNPC expected transportation demand to peak 20 years earlier and energy demand to peak at 3.75 Gtoe in 2035. China total energy consumption reached 3.12 Gtoe in 2016.


Unit International, Zarubezhneft sign US$7bn drilling agreement in Iran

Turkish energy company Unit International has signed a US$7bn agreement with Russian oil group Zarubezhneft and Ghadir Investment Holding to drill in three oil fields and a gas field in Iran. The amount of oil and gas to be received by each party was not disclosed.


BP starts producing gas from Juniper field in Trinidad and Tobago

BP has started gas production from its Juniper gas field in Trinidad and Tobago, as approved in August 2014.